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GM's Message

Through studying the real estate market, we found that a large segment of realty owners, developers and real estate investors need someone who will listen to them, someone who will discuss their business plans and investment ideas, someone who will help achieve their goals, someone who will study and evaluate their plans and confirm if they are possible or beneficial, someone who will do all of this without complications, or unnecessary risks, this lead SAK Holding Group, to build SAK Partnerships Company.


SAK Partnerships Company along with future partners will prepare technical, financial and economic studies, and help in procuring funding for projects, and supply all works needed for constructing or developing projects, and complete ailing projects, at price cost without profit margins or extra expenses, on transparent and clear basis, driven by the principle of partnership, and eventually marketing projects, and attempting to increase revenues of partnership company, in a way that will benefit both parties.

Our know-how, and the proficiencies and aptitudes of our sister companies serving the partner, will lead the partnership to the fastest route to success, saving time, and keeping cost within its realistic boundaries, away from wastage, giving the project the competitive advantages, to stimulate investments revenues, and benefit the real estate sector, and the economy. 


SAK Partnerships Company offers all types of services to real estate investors such as building partnerships with others through developing the land they own, and design projects that fits it, and prepare technical, financial and economic studies, and provide financing solutions, provide all works need for constructing projects at cost price, and marketing the projects, and manage them after construction is completed, and all of the aforementioned aims to increase the revenues of potential partners.


SAK Partnerships Company carefully and properly assess all business partnership proposals; our team of professional specialists will answer quires and provide consultations and directions to potential clients.